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The design of standby battery for fusion splicer 2016-01-20

Shenzhen Lee&Jack Power developed OTDR battery, that fully compatible with international first-class brands, including Agilent, ACTERNA, Anritsu, EXFO, HP/JDSU, Japan Yokogawa and other brands of optical fiber splicer. The battery performance is superior, stable, nine heavy protection, long use time and long service life,

achieving lightweight, portable, multi-functional. Use a high-performance lithium battery pack to power the battery, the products get rid of memory effect, short time and so on.

Optical fiber fusion splicer is mainly applied to the major operators, engineering companies, enterprises and institutions of the cable construction, line maintenance, emergency repair, testing and production of optical devices in the teaching of scientific research institute. The device mainly melts the two optical fibers by releasing arc, and uses the collimation principle to push forward at the same time, so as to realize the coupling of the optical fiber field. In order to facilitate construction, the market has developed a hand-held fiber fusion splicer, specially used for welding ribbon fiber ribbon fiber welding machine, welding, and rubber insulated wire cable jumper assembly welding machine etc.As an important tool of portable optical fiber splicer invention work personnel on-site testing, and provide backup power for efficient, portable, lightweight, adequate solution of optical fiber fusion splicer is an important guarantee for the long-term field work staff. Because of its own unique advantages, 18650 lithium batteries has become such a high-tech test equipment backup power solutions preferred.

I. requirements of battery design

The battery cells in our solution have the advantages of high energy ratio, light quality, small volume, high cycle life, high safety, high voltage, good consistency and so on. The lithium battery is designed as an output current protection value of 25A, a continuous operating current of 2A, and a 6600mAh charging capacity, which fully meets the power requirements of the instrument.

1)solution requirements for lithium battery models: 18650-3S3P/6.6Ah/11.1V

2)solution requirements for circuit parts:

1、Single cell overcharge protection voltage: 4.35±0.25V

2、Single cell overcharge recovery voltage: 4.15±0.50V

3、Single cell over discharge protection voltage: 2.40±0.08V

4、Single cell over discharge recovery voltage: 3.00±0.10V

5、Battery pack overcurrent protection value(10ms): 20~30A

6、Battery pack over temperature protection value (recoverable): 70±5℃

7、The finished battery also has short circuit and reverse charge protection.

3)Solution requirements for cycle life of batteries:300~500 times(National standard for charge and discharge)

4)Battery size design requirements: refer to the battery shell

Ⅱ. Solution of standby battery for optical fiber splicer

1)The protection board (PCM): The main protection circuit design of rechargeable lithium battery pack. Because of its chemical properties, the lithium battery needs to provide intelligent power calculation, overcharge, over discharge, short circuit, over-current and over temperature protection functions to avoid fire, explosion and other hazards.

2)Protection IC: Chip,the main protection function of the design scheme, monitors the battery cells with overcharge, over discharge, over-current, short circuit and so on to make cells work in a safe, stable and efficient range.

3)Temperature switch: mainly aims at the temperature protection function design. When the temperature of the battery itself reaches 70 ± 5 ℃ due to other abnormal problems, the switch is switched off automatically to protect the temperature.

4)18650 lithium ion battery cells: 18650 Li-ion cell/18650/2200mAh/3.7V Li-ion cell(SANYO)

5)MOSFET: In the protection circuit, the MOSFET acts as a switch, so that the voltage at both ends of the load will not rise or decrease, and the voltage stability will be guaranteed.

6)Battery package (shell)

Ⅲ.Drawings and real pictures of battery products

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